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Multigen Goldendoodles
Golden Retrievers

​​Info is pertaining to all litters
Parents have Genetic Health Clearances​

Up to Date on Shots, Dew claws removed
Health records provided
Vet checked twice
Low to No shed
Introduced to crates and potty training

Raised with our family using Puppy Culture, ENS and ESI protocols they will be well socialized and ready to take on the world

1-5 year health guarantee of puppy replacement

I am committed to helping your puppy thrive as a member of your family and am happy to answer questions before and after purchase​

Accepting applications for the 2023 litters

Goldendoodles & Golden Retrievers  $2000

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Noli's Apple Dumplings
Goldendoodle pups
June 21, 2023
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Heather's Pot of Gold - Golden Retrievers

Early Training ~ Puppy Culture
including Early Scent Training

Bio Sensory Training​ aka ENS
Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
Stronger heart beats
Stronger adrenal glands
More tolerance to stress
Greater resistance to disease

Early Scent Introduction aka ESI
Early Scent trained dogs make better Companion, Therapy and Service Dogs.
Along with Police drug/bomb sniffing dogs. Hunt / Field Trial Dogs.
And more attentive trainable family pets

Training the puppies for the world around them. Now using Puppy Culture Protocol

Bright intelligent eyes and a happy tail wagging! Doodle personality is the absolute best!

My pups are raised in a family setting with all the house noises, plenty of gentle attention, and protected socialization. I am using the PUPPY CULTURE protocol which includes Bio Sensory training, Early Scent Introduction, potty and crate training. 1st vet check at 2-5 days old and dew claws removed. They will then receive a 2nd vet approval at 6-7 weeks. They are regularly wormed and will have their 1st vaccinations. After that they will be ready to go to your home for your loving attention @ 8 weeks old.

Pups come with a spay/neuter contract,
1 yr health guarantee optional 5 yr health guarantee
bag of swag.

The Rule of 7’s
as published by Pat Schaap – Puppy Development: Another Piece Of The Puzzle

By the time a puppy is seven weeks old, he/she should have:

~ Been on 7 different types of surfaces – carpet, concrete, wood, vinyl, grass, dirt, gravel, wood chips, etc.

~ Played with 7 different types of objects – big balls, small balls, soft fabric toys, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, paper or cardboard items, metal item, sticks or hose pieces, etc.

~ Been in 7 different locations – front yard, back yard, basement, kitchen, car, garage, laundry room, bathroom, crate, etc.

~ Met and played with 7 new people – children, older adults, someone with a cane or walking stick, someone in a wheelchair or walker, etc.

~ Been exposed to 7 challenges – climb on a box, climb off a box, go through a tunnel, climb steps, go down steps, climb over obstacles, play hide and seek, go in and out of a doorway, run around a fence, etc.

~ Eaten from 7 different containers – metal, plastic, cardboard, glass, china, pie plate, frying pan, etc.

~ Eaten in 7 different locations – crate, yard, kitchen, basement, laundry room, living room, bathroom, etc.

We have added a few additional items to this list – we expose the puppies to different noises: car horns, traffic, screeching brakes, different types of music, loud voices, (these are mostly provided by cd and radio) etc.

Cinder & Scooter's

Multigernation Goldendoodles Smaller size, Healthy happy pups!


Marvel Litter 5 boys / 5 girls July 13, 2021

Maisie and Gaston's F2b Goldendoodles Nov 14, 2020

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girls owners names
Deirdre-Shalini Matrix
Keira-Scott Scout
Ivy-Jennie Noli
Maeve-Kevin Kershey
Moira-Sharon Bailey
Siobhan-Eryn Sunni

boys owners names
Aiden -Bobbie Jackson
Bodie -Floyd Bear
Liam -Mac Liam
Finnegan-Cassidy Scout
Duff -Holly Porter
Tate-Karen Ollie